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This threw me off for a little and I’d like to share my findings.

I’m using Vapor on a little side-project and part of the beauty of that backend framework is that everything is a stream, backed by SwiftNIO. Now I haven’t done any benchmarks, performance-wise, but…

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In this article, I’m going describe how to create a Linux environment where we can deploy a Swift-backed server-side app. In a past article, I created a Notes app with both a client and server component and shared business logic, all written in Swift. …

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In this short exercise, I create an app that shares code with a server component using Swift, Xcode and Kitura. The goals of this exercise are as follow:

  • Create an environment where Xcode is the sole IDE
  • Create three Xcode projects: the mobile app, the server-side app…

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I started reading biographies a few years ago with Peter the Great: A Biography. My motivation to plow through 700+ page tomes was primairly fuelled by a love for history. When I finished that book it occurred to me that the Tsar’s life was more than a…

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​In the tech industry, high turnover rates for programmers are all too common, and wildly detrimental to a company’s profitability. This phenomenon is especially problematic for companies in less subjectively interesting domains such as B2B software development. As people come and go, mounting technical debt and recruiting…

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Friday’s internet outage was caused by multiple sustained attacks against one of the internet biggest service providers, Dyn DNS. The attack blocked access to services like for millions of users in the east coast of North America. …

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